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Beautiful Golden Bay is situated in the northwest corner of New Zealand’s South Island. The soft arc of the Bay with her glowing sands and lush botanical valley has long inspired freedom of perspective and a deep connection with nature.

Our family has a long history of being involved with plants. For the pleasures of consuming, appreciating and making a living.  Moving into plant derived fragrances and cosmetics seemed a natural progression.

Golden Bay Botanicals aims to produce natural and effective cosmetics that are reliable, have credibility and embody the qualities that make Golden Bay such a special place. Being in harmony with nature, freshness, openness, abundant beauty and restorative power.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Botanical

Working with cosmetic pharmacists we have created a safe, effective and long-lasting deodorant that is 100% natural.

We collaborate with one of New Zealand’s best professional perfumers, to create fragrances that capture the feelings and emotions that Golden Bay inspires. Fragrances that are fresh, clean and awaken the senses with unique experiences.

`Mist` has a fragrance that blends citrus-spicy and floral notes. It has an initial impression of Elemi/Lemon, developing into a marine and mint impression, with a lasting impression of clary sage and frankincense
The deodorant incorporates `ODOURCO`™ active technology, which combats malodour by removing 99% of bacteria, eliminating odours at the source and extending the effectiveness of the deodorant. The fragrance complies with `COSMOS Natural Cosmetic Standard’. ‘

The deodorant is made at the top of New Zealand`s South Island, in a modern manufacturing facility, where naturally derived ingredients are combined to create a product that is reliable, fresh, pure and simple.

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